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From the President

Hello members!

This morning I found myself sitting quietly with Emma beside me on the couch and Holley soaking up the warmth of the woodstove. As I gazed upon my two little redheads, I found myself thinking of how easy it is to forget. Heck, I can’t even remember what I had for lunch yesterday! It seems we go-go-go like a bunch of Duracell bunnies. Often we forget to take the time to stop and reflect. So as my thought process began, I became astonished and proud of the accomplishments I had discovered.

I want to thank the Board and all the members for working to move the club forward.

I think back on the work involved around our 1st Specialty; the years spent on developing and finally implementing our “Ontario Club Versatility Award”; the many volunteers needed to make a “Fun Day” fun; members who participated (despite the weather) in the Ontario Veterinary College “Dog Jog” in support of the OVC Pet Trust; our members, who continue to faithfully educate the public about our breed each year at “Pawsway” in downtown Toronto; receiving a special invitation for members to participate in the Dufferin North Peel Anglers & Hunters Association’s “Retriever Training Fun Day”; Zone Directors organizing “Conformation Boosters” in their areas; the hours involved in producing a “Toller Calendar” with our very own redheads gracing the pages; organizing and manning our “Club Booth” over a day or a weekend; being able to honour one of our Juniors with our Club’s “Junior Handling Award”; our “Mentor’s Program”; our quarterly newsletter “TollON!”; keeping our “Web Page” updated and joining “Facebook”.

The “By-laws/Constitution Revision Committee” is on the home stretch with planned presentation to the new Board in 2014. “Pay-Pal” is on the drawing board, and should become a reality in the New Year. I am proud to announce that we are finally able to make the Newsletter available in electronic form. In order for everyone to experience the new format, the upcoming issue of TollON! will be transmitted by email as well as being mailed.

With Xmas around the corner and the year drawing to a close, I think of family and friends. Some I will see over the holidays, some are just too far away, and some, well have passed on. So slow down – even for a moment and reflect.
Wishing you the “Warmest Holidays!”
Your President,

Hello world!

Well, I must say Frank has done another great job of keeping our web page moving forward. Keep checking back for some exciting pages to be added,  as our club continues to be active throughout the coming year. Sue Continue Reading